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Michael Denner is Danish heavy-metal guitarist. He is part of the heavy metal duo Denner/Shermann with Hank Shermann.

Denner was a member of Mercyful Fate  and King Diamond amongst others. He has made guest appearances with Furious Trauma, Jack Cracker, Volbeat, Notre Dame and Saturnus.

Denner is a fourth generation musician. Denner plays Gibson Flying V guitar and lists his Guitar Heroes as Uli Jon Roth, Michael Schenker and Ollie Halsall. Denner owns a record shop in Copenhagen called “Beat Bop”.

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Denner Market in Switzerland to Canada’s Largest Dealer in Antique Arms, John C Denner

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Johann Denner

Johann Denner

Musician and Inventor

Johann Christoph Denner, was a famous woodwind instrument maker of the Baroque era, to whom the invention of the clarinet is attributed. Denner was born in Leipzig to a family of horn-tuners. With his father, Heinrich Denner, a maker of game whistles and hunting horns, he moved to Nuremberg in 1666.

John Denner

John Denner

Christian Music

John and Kate Denner are full time Christian musicians sharing God’s plan for salvation one song at a time. The Denner’s met at The University of Michigan  in the a music practice room.  John, an English/Music Major and Kate, a Music Education Major. They will be in concert at Fairview Missionary church. October 15 at 6:00 pm

Nicki Denner

Nicki Denner

Jazz Pianist

Nicki Denner has been a part of the New York Latin and Jazz Music scene since 1999. Before that, Denner was an active member of the Minneapolis music community for ten years. She has performed with Sheila E., Savion Glover, Candido, Doc Severinsen, as well other jazz guitar and salsa artists in the United States and Europe.