Jon Hein

Jon Hein is a radio personality best known for his work on The Howard Stern Show
Jon Hein

Jon Hein is a radio personality and former webmaster best known for working as an associate producer on The Howard Stern Show and then as co-host of The Wrap-Up Show. John created the website and is an alumnus of the University of Michigan where he appeared in the sketch comedy troupe Comedy Company with Jon Glaser. Hein attended Half Hollow Hills High School West before enrolling at the University of Michigan in 1985, graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Communication and Media Studies in 1989. During his time in college, Hein joined a sketch comedy troupe called Comedy Company which included actor and comedian Jon Glaser.


Jump The Shark

Fonzie Jumping the Shark on Happy Days

Jon Hein created a website called named after the idiom “jumping the shark” originating from the Happy Days TV Series.

Jon sold his company, Jump The Shark, to Gemstar (owners of TV Guide) on June 20, 2006  for over $1 million dollars.  Some members of the Howard Stern staff have speculated that the site sold closer to $5–$10 million.  The TV Guide website has since redirected the original website. For some time, the website was replaced with a celebrity gossip message board.


Jon Hein Wrap Up Show

Wrap Up Show


The Stern Show staff thought Hein was a good host on Super Fan Roundtable and chose him to be the host of The Wrap-Up Show with Stern producer Gary Dell’Abate as co-host. The show premiered on Howard’s first day on Sirius, January 9, 2006, and has received very positive reviews from fans. Hein also hosted The Friday Show along with Gary Dell’Abate and Ralph Cirella on the Friday mornings when Stern took time off, although that show was replaced after a few months by Master Tape Theatre (Master Tape Theatre has since moved to Howard 101 on Sundays, replaced on Howard 100 by the Best of the Week, a montage show with clips from the Monday through Wednesday show).

Fast Food Aficionado

John Hein of The Howard Stern Show is  a fast food aficionado


Jon has become known as a fast food aficionado. He has vocalized his distaste for the fast food restaurant Burger King. Hein was subjected to a blindfolded taste test of burgers on Howard 101’s “The Fast Food Show”, where he correctly identified a Burger King, McDonald’s, and Wendy’s burger patty. Hein admitted on the August 17, 2010 Howard Stern Show that he now weighed 255 lbs. but refused to give up fast food. Hein admitted on the January 17, 2008 Stern show that he adjusts his insulin levels to be able to indulge in junk food, such as his favorite Oreocupcake from Crumbs cupcakes.  Hein is also the host of the Friday radio program “Geektime!”, “Jon Hein’s TV Show” on Thursdays, and the Fast Food Show all featured on Howard 101. 

Pop Culture

Media Mentions


Similar to Howard Stern’s producer Gary Dell’Abate, Jon Hein has several media mentions  in pop culture with the phrase “Hit em with the Hein”. It was initially a phrase by a back-office staff member to mock Jon based on his perceived low-energy level as Jon would leave the office to attend to business unrelated to The Howard Stern Show. The phrase was then popularized by, an often on-air staff member, Jason Kaplan. It has been used on many PGA Tour events, in some cases to the dismay of the announcers. 

This phrase has also been referenced by Jimmy Kimmel during the 2016 Emmy Award show. 

Based on Jon’s statements on The Howard Stern Show, he either enjoys the phrase or is annoyed by it largely based on perceived intent.

Singer Rick Astley produced a song dedicated to the ‘Hit em with the Hein’ concept on SoundCloud. 

Connecticut based musician Jamey Jasta, frontman of the metalcore band Hatebreed, released a song inspired by the phrase on his SoundCloud. Hit ’em with the Hein is also used in later versions of Sony’s MLB the SHOW franchise by announcer Matt Vasgersian during gameplay.


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