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John Denner (Piano) and Kate Denner (Vocals) met almost a decade ago and were married on August 21, 2011. Almost immediately, they set out in full-time missionary work. The Denner’s are both professional musicians and chose to use their music as a tool to reach people for Jesus Christ. Nearly six years and 470 professions of faith later, they couldn’t be happier at what God is doing and continues to do! The Denner’s are excited about ministering to EAB and sharing their love for music and the Gospel of Jesus Christ with you. John and Kate can’t wait to introduce their family to the world!

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John and Kate Denner

John Denner

John Denner began playing piano at the age of 3 and soon started using his gift for music at his local church at around the age of 8. He played in the Flint Youth Philharmonic for a while before joining a quartet from Burton, Michigan called the Harmonaires. John enjoyed playing with an all-star lineup of musicians in their live band for five years. Later, Denner traveled with The Foresters from Burton, Michigan for two years and enjoyed every single second. But, nothing could eclipse the joy John has ministering and performing music with his own family. It is a thrill every time he steps onto a stage with them.

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Kate Denner

Kate Denner

Kate Denner began teaching music lessons at age 12, began college at 15 and had directed three full-production musicals before her 21st birthday. She has a degree in music education and uses it almost daily when she coordinates with John on their latest album, a new live adaptation of a song or just enjoying some down time singing with their three little girls. Kate is sincere, fun, intelligent and downright hilarious. Everyone needs a Kate in their life!

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Johann Denner

Johann Denner

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Johann Denner, Inventor of the Clarinet

Balthasar Denner

Balthasar Denner

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Balthasar Denner German Portrait Painter 

Alex Denner

Alex Denner


Alex Denner  one of the most influential people in biopharma today.

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