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Jacob Denner

Born in Nuremberg Germany in 1681, Jacob Denner was a German Instrument maker and son of Johann Christoph Denner.

Much like his father Johann Denner, Jacob is a well known Instrument maker, credited for his recorders which have become the model for many modern instruments. Jacob is reported to have worked for the Medecis court in Florence in the year 1708.

Jacob was also an accomplished musician and member of the Nuremberg Stadtpfeiferei.

 Jacob Denner Recorders

18th century recorders

These 18th Century Recorders designed by Jacob Denner are currently on display at The Germanisches Nationalmuseum located in Nuremberg, Germany. Jacob was also a professional performer: he was mentioned as a member of the Nuremberg Stadtpfeiferei in 1705 and attained its highest post in 1727. His funeral sermon  provides many biographical details and praises his skill on the oboe, ‘which he handled so finely … and played so admirably that his like was never heard in Nuremberg’. Johann David was a ‘musician, also maker of oboes, bassoons and flutes’, according to the address at his funeral. He succeeded to his father’s workshop but acquired master’s rights unusually late, in 1736, when he was 45 years of age. Jacob apparently set up on his own, with the result that there were two different workshops producing instruments.

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