Denner Cashmere

114 St John’s Hill, London SW11 1SJ, UK

Denner Cashmere

Mongolian Cashmere

Exclusively using 100% Mongolian cashmere in all its products, it designs each item specifically to get the most out of the material and to highlight its unique qualities as a fabric. Denner offers distinct lines for both men and women as well as a line of accessories which includes blankets and scarves.

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Denner Cashmere

About Denner Cashmere 

Denner cashmere is among the softest and finest in the world, and is up to eight times warmer that wool. It all starts in a remote area of the Mongolian plains.

Because of the harsh climate, goats grow exceptionally fine white cashmere to protect them from the elements. In fact in the springs, their dense, delicate coast would naturally shed. It’s then that Mongolian henders comb the fibre harmlessly from their soft underbellies rather than sheering them. And so continues one of the world’s oldest methods of subsistence.