Charles Denner

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Charles Denner Actor

French Actor

Charles Denner was a French actor born to a Jewish family in Tarnów, Poland on May 29th 1926 and died September 1995. During his 30-year acting career Denner worked with some of France’s greatest directors of the time, including Louis Malle, Claude Chabrol, Jean-Luc Godard, Costa-Gavras, Claude Lelouch and François Truffaut who gave him two of his most memorable roles, as Fergus in The Bride Wore Black (1968) and Bertrand Morane in The Man Who Loved Women (1977)

Charles Denner Acting

 Acting Career

In 1955, director Yves Allégret offered Denner a small role in La Meilleure part (The Best Part), thus introducing him for the first time to cinema audiences. Two years later, in 1957, he secured another secondary role in Louis Malle’s legendary Elevator to the Gallows, next to Jeanne Moreau, a co-performer of his from the days of the TNP; however, it was not until 1963 that Denner was offered his first leading role by Claude Chabrol in Landru, a film considered by many as his greatest on-screen performance. Despite his growing recognition on the big screen, the stage remained his true passion and the place where he gave his most memorable performances in plays like Molière’s Les Fourberies de Scapin (Scapin’s Schemings) and Brecht’s Drums in the Night.

Charles Denner Acting

No Cause of Denner’s Death

On Sunday September 10 , 1995, Charles Denner died at a hospital near his home in Dreux,  France just west of Paris. Mr. Denner was 69.

No cause of Denner’s death was given, but he had been fighting lung cancer for more than a decade.

During Denner’s acting career that began when he was 19, Denner worked with many of the most prominent French movie directors of the postwar era, including Louis Malle, Claude Chabrol, Claude Lelouch, Yves Allegret and Claude Berri as well as the Greek-born Costa-Gavras.  Charles Denner was a thin man with bushy eyebrows, dark hair and an immediately identifiable voice, Mr. Denner often played introspective characters who considered distrust of the world to be elementary common sense. But he was also a talented comic actor who extracted humor from the accidents of everyday life.

Charles Denner will truly be missed!

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