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Jill Denner

Senior Research Scientist Jill Denner, is a senior research scientist at Education Training Research, a non-profit organization in California. Dr. Jill Denner does applied research and evaluation with a focus on increasing the number of women, girls, and Latino...

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Richard Denner

Collected Works and PoetryRichard Denner (born November 21, 1941) in Santa Clara, CA is an American poet associated with the Berkeley Street Poets and the Poets of the Pacific Northwest.  Richard is the founder and operator of dPress, which has published over two...

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Denner Recipes, Tips and Tricks

Meet Food Blogger Zoe Torinesi Looking for fresh ideas for a cozy dinner or just looking for something new? Well-known food blogger Zoe Torinesi of Denner Market inspires you every week with exciting but simple creations and useful kitchen tips and tricks for little...

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One Handed Knot

Things to Keep In Mind  A close friend from Connecticut training  was showing to be a doctor showed me this amazing knot he was learing called, A One Handed Surgeon's Knot.  The surgeon’s knot, which is looping the suture twice in the same direction before locking it,...

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Redwood Coast California

What Makes This California Town Special? What makes California’s Redwood Coast so special? Maybe it’s the primeval wilderness that’s inspired legends from Paul Bunyan to Bigfoot. Perhaps it’s the 175 miles of rugged coastline or the cozy seaside towns. Or could it...

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