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Notable People

Some of the Amazing People who share the name Denner

Johann Christoph Denner

Johann Christoph Denner

Johann Christoph Denner, was a German maker of musical instruments and inventor of the clarinet between the years 1690 and 1700

As a successful maker of flutes, oboes and bassoons, he mused over the puzzling fact of why the chalumeau would not “overblow” to the octave as would the flute, oboe and bassoon. He thought if he could extend the compass of the instrument upward he could make a valuable instrument.

He soon determined that this instrument did not over-blow to the octave but to the twelfth i.e. when all the finger holes were closed and the lowest note (fundamental) was sounded, the next note to be produced – by increasing the blowing pressure – was the note a twelfth above, and not an octave. Example: low G overblown would be a D, twelve notes above the G. Johann Denner  also discovered that this note was produced much easier if he bored a little hole higher up on the instrument near the mouthpiece. This became the “speaker or register key,” and in fact, did make over-blowing  to the next register much easier.

Charles Denner Actor

Charles Denner

Charles Denner a French actor born to a Jewish family in Tarnów, Poland. Memorable roles, Fergus in The Bride Wore Black and Bertrand Morane in The Man Who Loved Women

Nicki Denner Jazz Musician

Nicki Denner

Jazz Pianist Nicki Denner has performed and worked with music legends such as  Sheila E, Savion Glover, Michele Lee, Doc Severinsen from the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson as well other jazz and Latin  artists in the United States, Asia, Europe and Latin America.

John Denner Music

John Denner Music

John Denner began playing piano at the age of 3 and soon started using his gift at his local church at around the age of 8. He played in the Flint Youth Philharmonic for a while before joining a quartet from Burton, Michigan called the Harmonaires. He enjoyed playing with an all-star lineup of musicians in their live band for five years. Later, he traveled with The Foresters from Burton, Michigan for two years and enjoyed every single second. But, nothing could eclipse the joy he has ministering with his own family. It is a thrill every time he steps onto a stage with them.


Notable Places

Denner Companies from around the world

Denner Vineyards

Denner Vineyards

Denner Vineyards in Paso Robles California is located in the heart of wine country.  Designed by Architect John Robert Mitchell and owned by Ron Denner who both share a passion – great facility, great location, great people, and of course, great wine. John first built the estate home, and now has designed and built the winery tasting room and private Comus Center.

Ron and John believe that great architecture blends with the environment. Denner Winery, therefore is designed to fit into the rolling hills and is complementary to the geography and culture of the Central Coast.


Denner Markets

Denner Market

Denner is a discount supermarket chain in Switzerland. With a rich history spanning over 150 years of history, Denner began as a small shop in 1860 and has now become the leading discounter in all of Switzerland. In 1860, Heinrich Reiff-Schwarz laid the foundation stone of today’s Denner AG.

Denner Cashmere

Denner Cashmere

Denner Cashmere is a clothing company located in London England who specializes in pure cashmere knitwear for women and men, classic jumpers and cardigans, plus ladies dresses, and scarves.  Denner Cashmere is among the softest and finest in the world, and is up to eight times warmer than wool. It all starts in a remote area of the Mongolian plains.  Because of the harsh climate, goats grow exceptionally fine white cashmere to protect them from the elements. In the springs, their dense, delicate coast would naturally shed. It’s then that Mongolian henders comb the fibre harmlessly from their soft underbellies rather than sheering them. And so continues one of the world’s oldest methods of subsistence.




John Denner Antique Guns

John Denner Guns

JOHN C. DENNER is a well known Canadian Dealer in Antique Arms, Hand Guns, Armour and Related Military Items. Denner also deals in Historic British and Canadian Swords.

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